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Britain’s worst female paedo Vanessa George banned from Facebook after she abused 64 kids and shared pics online

BRITAIN’S worst female paedo Vanessa George will be banned from using Facebook when she is released from prison.

The evil nursery worker abused 64 babies and shared the sickening videos with her pervert lover as she boasted she was his “paedo whore mum”.

 Vanessa George was jailed in 2009 for a minimum of seven years


Vanessa George was jailed in 2009 for a minimum of seven yearsCredit: PA:Press Association

The Sun exclusively revealed this week she will be released from prison in September after a parole board ruled she was not a “significant risk” to children.

And when she walks free, George will be banned from using social media – and she must allow probation chiefs access to her browsing history.

The Parole Board revealed in its decision: “The panel considered the release plan provided by Ms George’s probation officer.

“The plan included very strict and extensive licence conditions, requiring Ms George to live at an address approved by professionals as well as preventing her from using social media and restricting her movements and contacts.

“The panel concluded that this plan was robust enough to manage Ms George in the community.”


The decision to release George has been slammed by campaign groups and families of her victims at Little Teds nursery in Plymouth, Devon.

She will not be able to return to the city once freed – with one dad telling Sun Online he would “kill” her if he ever saw her.

The monster is now dreaming of a little house by the seaside – despite coastal areas being a magnet for family holidays, Plymouth Herald reveals.

George wrote in a letter them prison: “If I had a choice in the future, I would like to live on the coast somewhere.”

It emerged last year that George has changed her name in prison, reverting to her maiden name of Vanessa Sylvia Marks.



Special needs coordinator Vanessa George took pictures on her phone of her abusing babies and toddlers at a nursery in Plymouth.

She was jailed in 2009 for a minimum of seven years.

Her trial heard she sent pictures to paedophile Colin Blanchard after meeting him on Facebook.

When arrested she did little to help identify the victims.

Blanchard, of Rochdale, said to be the “hub of the paedophile wheel”, was later jailed for a minimum of nine years.

He traded the photos to members of a paedophile ring, including prostitute Angela Allen, of Nottingham, who was jailed for at least five years.

She earned the grisly title of Britain’s worst female paedo in 2009 after she was caged for taking the sick pictures of herself harming babies and toddlers.

The fiend cruelly refused to tell police the names of all of her victims – leading to a decade of “hell” for families who still aren’t sure whether their child was abused.

Child protection officers visited 180 children thought to have had contact with George, who admitted taking up to eight pictures a day while on duty.

Mum-of-two George, whose two daughters have publicly disowned her, described herself to Blanchard as a “paedo whore mum” in vile exchanges between the two.

She also called him “baby” and described them as the “perfect paedo couple” as she “plumbed new depths of depravity”.