Fury as pro-EU Speaker John Bercow admits he wants to undermine Theresa May on Brexit


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COMMONS Speaker John Bercow was blasted today after he admitted undermining Theresa May on Brexit.

The Europhile Parliament chief boasted he was on the side of the “dissident minority” making life hard for the Government.

 John Bercow is known for his pro-EU views

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John Bercow is known for his pro-EU views

And he suggested MPs should wield more power over ministers because of the election result which delivered a hung Parliament.

Critics accused the Speaker of “making it up as goes along” after the extraordinary claim.

In an interview with CNN, Mr Bercow insisted he’s a neutral referee as he presides over Brexit debates in the Commons.

But he added: “I’ve always been keen to give a voice to the dissident minority in the House of Commons rather than in any sense to side with the majority.”

In a further dig at Mrs May, the Speaker also said: “In circumstances where there is a minority Government the Speaker still has and perhaps even more so to be conscious of the need to give the House as a whole the chance to express its will.”

Mr Bercow dismissed claims he’s rude to MPs as a slur from “some moaning minister”.

The Speaker has been embroiled in bullying allegations after former staff accused him of driving them out of their jobs.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen blasted Mr Bercow over his controversial comments.

He told The Sun: “John Bercow is helping the dissident minority – but where does that leave the democratic majority?

It’s official – Parliament wastes more time than ever in pointless debates

MPS are spending increasing amounts of time locked in pointless debates which don’t even result in a vote, new figures reveal.

The Commons has held “general debates” at a rate of nearly one a week since Theresa May took power.

The debates are nothing more than a symbolic talking shop – with no actual decisions taken or laws passed at the end.

Since June 2016, there have been 52 general debates in the House of Commons scheduled by the Government.

In the two and a half years before that there was just one, according to the stats from the Commons library.

Labour’s Tulip Siddiq, who commissioned the research, told The Times: “Many will be staggered to learn that over 100 hours of parliamentary time has been spent on debates that have no practical consequences.”

Next week there are general debates scheduled on pubs and anti-social behaviour.

The Commons is not expected to debate Brexit at all next week despite there being a huge backlog of legislation needed to prepare for our EU departure in eight weeks.

“Bercow has thrown the rulebook out of the window, now he’s making it up as he goes along.”

The Speaker has repeatedly been accused of helping rebel MPs water down Brexit by allowing them to propose helpful amendments while blocking motions tabled by Eurosceptics.

He is open about his pro-EU views and is known to have a sticker on his family car saying “B*****ks to Brexit”.

 Theresa May is pushing her Brexit plan

PA:Press Association

Theresa May is pushing her Brexit plan
Government whip caught on camera telling Speaker Bercow he’s a ‘pure and simply bully’

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