World’s sexiest strawberry’ has randy weirdos salivating on Twitter


A RANDY Twitter user has posted a picture of what could be the world’s sexist strawberry.

The curvy piece of fruit, which is shaped like a woman’s bottom and thighs, has sent social media users around the globe wild with frenzied excitement.

The shapely fruit has sent some Twitters users wildPosted by a saucy social media user named GoldQaashin, the suggestible strawberry has sent sex-starved Twitter fans wild.

One man wrote: “I’d turn that a** into a smoothie when I’m done.”

Another account named Boudoir Madam replied with steamy snap with a picture of a strawberry shaped like a man’s twig and berries along with the caption: “Bend it over.”

A third user commented: “That’s how strawberries are made.”

According to Bored Panda, there’s a variety of reasons for fruit or vegetables to grow into weird shapes.

The most common, though, is due to damage or “scar tissue”.

The website reckons that if some parts of fruit or vegetable are scarred, “especially during its earliest growing stages, this can slow the growth in that area and cause it to deform the rest of the plant.

“In the case of root vegetables, inconsistent soil fertilisation can also cause strange growth – carrots, for example, can branch out and grow arms into surrounding pockets of manure.”

 Another Twitter user replied with a picture of a phallic-shaped strawberry
Another Twitter user replied with a picture of a phallic-shaped strawberry

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